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has launched a new effort to fight the problem. three areas were targeted as part of the keep america beautiful campaign. a survey of the block area on pennsylvania avenue turned up amazing results. >> we had 48 cigarette butts in a certain amount of period, and then overnight until the first thing in the morning. >> reporter: cigarette butts are the most common items in america, and make no butts about it, capitol hill is filled with the butts. look around, you can count them, one, two, three, four, the number going on. the cigarette butts are everywhere, trees, sidewalks, all shapes and sizes, some still lit. the capitol hill bid hopes e new smoker polls will help them find your way. >> you can't put it out, if it is on the corner it will make a difference. >> reporter: do you notice how many are out there? >> unbelievable the amount, very scary. >> reporter: the smokers admit they need help after being turned out. the sidewalk is later their personal ash tray. >> we feel like we should, since we can't smoke them inside, and let capitol hill clean it up. >>> and best guitar players
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of choice of america's youth and it might be in your medicine cabinet right now. >>> find out how a woman conned her friends and family out of thousands of dollars with a big lie. >>> a quick check of our monday night rundown. the news edge at 11:00 is coming right back. >>> the news edge on maryland's mission to fight the swine flu. the governor outlined the state's plan in the event an outbreak happens. part of the plan includes a biosurveillance system. the governor says it's the first program in the nation to link all emergency rooms in one state. >> it relates to the ability of emergency rooms in particular to share information of symptoms that are being presented if those emergency rooms throughout our state. >> maryland officials also announced today the state's seventh swine flu death. >>> don't let the economy keep you from pleasing your palate. laura evans is back with your fox 5 top five. >> a first tonight -- up first tonight how to dine out in the d.c. area on a budget. number five should help your economic bott line. it's restaurant week in d.c. that means a three-course din
said it was his influence that helped bring civil rights to america nd the first african-american to the white house. >> when he went to barack and told barack and didn't endorse hillary, that was a shock to some people. but what he did, he saw a light that would shine for the next 40 years. who waited hours in the heat told us they never met him in person but knew his work in the senate made their lives better. >> he represented the conscience of the nation. he was constantly calling america -- . >> he helped support the immigrants, he was there for any family that called upon him. >> reporter: these ladies from boston, all registered nurses, made t-shirts to honor their fallen senator and hope this outpouring of bipartisan love for kennedy won't be forgotten as lawmakers try to eastern out a healthcare plan as kennedy dropped of. >> healthcare is a huge crisis in our country and we have to continue to work to get this started. >> the tribute in our area was running two hours late. what a wonderful delay it was. the burial service here took place just as the sun was goin
. he blames his critics are spearheading misinformation. >>> not everywhere in america is suffering from poor healthcare. rocky mountain healthcare in colorado is ranked among the best. alicia acuna finds out how they did it. >> hi, betty. look at my tomatoes. >> reporter: 75-year-old alice likes showing off her tiny garden. >> we just picked three this morning. >>> not as much as she enjoys bragging about her hmo. >> i appreciate. they give me diet advice, they give me bathing advice, skin advice. >> reporter: alice is not the only one big on roque mountain health plan. over the past decade, her hmo has been recognized as being tops in the nation. >> it's a matter of healthy to coordinate the care all the way around. >> reporter: dr. john hob kip -- hopkins, the ceo, said their county has more primary caring if says than most others. they also put patient's data into a central system so team members can keep patients on track. >> look at this. [ indiscernible ] >> one of the most effective areas is transitional care. nurses make house calls. what might sound like an expensive prosp
to his family but america as well. >> reporter: officials say four million people visit arlington cemetery each year, most of them paying their respects at the j.f.k.site. >> his passing was a heavy blow to me. it hurt me deeply not only for my child's sake but also for the country. >> reporter: robin lancaster campbell works at the library of congress and says senator kennedy was a reading tutor to her ten-year-old daughter nicole for two years starting in 2005. >> she said mom, he was like a second dad to me. i'm divorced and fighting cancer. on rskpe le ed a person like him in her life. >> reporter: in death teddy will be buried here about a hundred feet to the left of his brother bobby. his grave also marked by lia white wooden cross and marble foot marker. superintendent metzler told us cemetery staff would tonight begin preparing the grave site. that whole area, brian, is closed to the public tomorrow, but it will reopen on sunday. >> bob barnard tonight. >>> a private memorial to celebrate senator kennedy's life and decades of public service. take performance capped a night
and world report, annual rankings of america's best cool ems, harvard and princeton share the top spot, followed closely by yale. >> brian? >> thank yo shawn. >> coming up here, you log on to keep up with your friends and family. how much is too much in how to tell if you are addicted to facebook, next.  >>> how much time do you spend on facebook every day? 15 minutes, a half hour, maybe an hour? you are about to meet a woman who is taking it to a new extreme, logging on 11 hours a day. the story of a facebook addict. now, you can tell if you are one. >> reporter: social networking sites like facebook allow you to make friends and lose friends without the in your face rejection. nearly two million people are on facebook. >> i would have to say i'm an addict. >> reporter: jeremy is not alone. ask around. a lot of people say they are addicted to facebook. but tina brooks may take the case. >> i will get up at 3:00 in the morning. >> reporter: she's 50 years old, home from work on medical leave. >> i started to find friends and i started to pull up the town i used to live
five previous recessions, re/max agents have provided the kind of experience america relies on to get the job done. today, in the worst housing market most of us have ever seen, that experience is more important than ever. find out what re/max can do for you. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. this fiber? i'd had my fill. then i found miralax. announcer: miral is the only brand clinically proven to relieve constipation with no harsh side effects. you'll see. it's early different. restore your body's natural rhythm with miralax. . >>> man imagine going on line, only to find a posting of your child up foradoption. it is a scam happening right now, happening to one mom already. now she warns us so it doesn't happen to your family. more on the story. >> i was really -- >> reporter: what jennifer says she needs to protect 7 month- old jacob from are on line scammers. it all began innocently, posting the pictures on the family's blog. >> for family, friends, be able to know what is going on in their lives. >> reporter: out of the blue, she got an e-mail with disturbing information
. tonight america is honoring senator ted kennedy preparing to lay him to rest near the graves of his fallen brothers. the senator died overnight at his home on cape cod after a year-long struggle with brain cancer. originally from massachusetts kennedy spent much of his life here in the nation's capital and tonight those in d.c. who knew the man behind the liberal lion tag are reflecting on kennedy's legacy. roz plater begins our coverage tonight. >> reporter: brian, the kennedys may be the closest thing we have in this country to royalty, but the people ted kennedy robbed shoulders with right here in the district say he lived a rather regular life. >> from a union perspective, you must have liked the man tremendously. >> i did. he cared about working people. and he cared about this country. >> reporter: mark colin worked in ted kennedy's 1908 campaign for -- 1980 campaign for president. one customer said the kennedys inspired him to join the labor movement. two men whose lives ted kennedy touched reflecting on the end of an era. >> he was one of those -one of the last of the old guards. i
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9